Aymeric Lefort’s decision to become a designer was inspired by the furniture of Jean Royere in his family home in France. After studying cabinet making at the renowned Institut de St Luc in Tournai, where he specialised in design, he completed his training in the workshops of cabinet makers, interior decorators, and upholsterers in Brussels, motivated by the desire to learn new techniques in the decorative arts. This thorough grounding in expert technical knowledge and the commitment to good workmanship which Aymeric Lefort brings to his contemporary designs, continues a long tradition of French cabinetry. In each collection this cultural heritage is reinscribed in modern form, the essence of which is both minimal and sensual. Inspired by architecture, each new piece by Aymeric Lefort is characterised by the subtle assemblage of its elements, the quality of its finish, and the combination of materials. Aymeric Lefort designs innovative furniture to which he applies the rigorous techniques of the cabinet maker. This application gives rise to finely assembled forms whose texture and colour reveal an inventive elegance.